EvN Media (2008) is a private company based in both The Netherlands and South Africa that specialises in digital journalism. The owner of EvN Media is Elvira van Noort (MA Journalism & Media Studies, 2008, Rhodes University + Certificate in Teaching Methods, 2013, University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht). Elvira is a team player and has a large network of media professionals who she works with during training sessions.CRKBO_Docent

EvN Media is registered in the Dutch Central Register for Short Vocational Education (“Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs”) with the Center for Post-Initial Education (CPION “Centrum Post-Initieel Onderwijs”). Those in the Register are qualified experts in the field, who are adequately trained in didactical skills as well as in content.

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More about Elvira

“I’m an educator – I enjoy assisting professionals in furthering their careers in the media world. I currently put this into practice during training courses offered at well-known organisations and institutes.

My training courses are mostly practical as I’m a firm believer in ‘learning by doing’. The topics I train in are: (citizen) journalism (basics of journalism, freelance journalism), digital journalism (or ‘online journalism’), digital storytelling, social media, multimedia and online publishing.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet course participants from all over the world and to train in different countries. This fits in well with my personal interest in empowering professional news outlets, journalists, NGOs and activists in developing countries, especially there where a free press is not the norm.”


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